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Tear down of the engine will be covered here.  In 3 separate posts I’ll talk about rear suspension, brakes, and frame.

I’ve learned the right tools are the difference between success and failure. Here’s are the special tools I used to break the engine down and build it up: 

Amazon Product links below to the thing I ended up buying and using. So it gets my endorsement on some level. I don't get a damn thing if you buy from amazon or not. Links are just there for reference. 

The goal with any tool should be to buy it as cheap as possible while being as good as possible. Amazon reviews help in discerning that ratio. 



Snap ring pliers


More common, essentially hand things-

Test Probe Set 5 Pc -USATM

3 cents

Zip ties


Zip Lock bags


Service Manual

Work smarter not harder


Hammer drill with a ¼ adapter on it

Handful of magnets

A large chunk of cardboard or poster board


The tusk tools are REALLY good and make easy work of what seems like a hard job. The case splitter is a fantastic engine bearing remover as well (unless they are blind bearings...) Both tools come with adapters and different sized parts to work in a variety of applications. Tusk offers a bundle (both the splitter and puller) where you can save a bit. 



Take a little while to work this wrench in before trusting it. The clicking mech didn't work for me at first. Given the chance, i'd go back and just buy a digital torque adapter for a bit more money. 


Cheaply made. Not very heavy, thread interface isn't very precise but it does exactly what you need it to do. Fine quality for a tool i'll use once ever  5 years.



Another TUSK level quality tool. Heavy, well made. Must have. I had to crank down pretty hard to break my flywheel loose, for the record. 



If you're no an idiot you won't break the fingers on the puller attachments. Heat the cases, then use the puller. 200-300 degrees is fine. 



Smells great, works great. Used it in place of yamabond and other proprietary materials with never a problem. Doesn't come with an applicator tip. You'll have to pirate one. Don't store it with the tip on. Obvi.


Do NOT get the interchangeable tip snap ring pliers from harbor freight. Get the set of 4 or 5, whatever it is. 







Can't believe i didnt own these sooner. Great for cleaning small bits, taking off o-rings, etc. 



Use this prodigiously. As in on many bolts. Do NOT use a lot of it on one bolt. Too much is a bad thing.


Stick between the Crank/Countershaft gears to tighten down and loosen nuts. 

Zip tie things together so you dont forget their order. E.G. washer, gear, washer, nut. 

Stick parts in baggies (shifter mech. comes to mind)

Very useful. But no substitute for parts diagrams and internet knowledge. 



Best since Day 1.