The night I came to own it. 

The night I came to own it. 

As it sits now

There was a day when I was looking at two-wheeled texans ( and in the classifieds section, a man was selling a project DT250. I never had one before, but I did and still do have an affinity for 2-strokes and 70s model Japanese bikes. So an email and a short drive to Taylor, Texas later...I was the proud new owner of a motorcycle in a bucket. 

The owner got it from a guy who got it from another guy, and the story was it had a bent clutch pushrod. 

Easy fix. It's a $10 part on ebay. I worked on other parts of the bike. Forks, Steering stabilizer, rear suspension, wheels, hubs, wiring. It all needed work, so I worked on all of it. 

With the engine out of the frame still in a state of disrepair, I posted a few photos on the forum of the frame sitting with its new tires, washed-but-not-painted frame, and rebuild but not shiny forks. Someone jokingly (but seriously) said I was pretty bold for buying new tires before knowing if it'd even run. 

But it would run. There is not a thing in the world that'd keep it from running...

Best since Day 1.