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Light Load Towels

Don't forget to bring a towel. 


  • .5oz for 2 12x12 towels
  • Viscose fiber (wood cellulose)
  • Super light and absorbent
  • $3

Initial Impressions

I own an ultra light MSR camp towel and love it. I didn’t want to carry the big thing on the JMT with me so I paid the $3 for the small light load towels. I always wanted to try them, anyway.

They come compressed in to little pucks. When you unpackaged them, they do not spring to life. So they stayed in my pack until first use on the trail

With the addition of water, they fluff out to regular size. The hold a ton of water, the wring out very easily. One was orange, one was grey.


I took hobo showers with them, I used them to remove moisture from the tent, I used them as a cushoning layer when I packed the solar panel. They were amazing for what seemed like a novelty item.


You won't get years and years of use out of these. After much heavy use and 2 times through a washing machine, they start to lose their structure. They still work, but they don't have amazing longevity. Having said that, I was surprised the little guy held up after going through the machine wash.

They come in some different sizes. The 12x12 worked perfectly for me.

Last Words

Pleased with these. They exceeded my expectations.

Overall Arbitrary Trail Score (OATS)

8.5 for their usefulness, weight, and cost. 

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Best since Day 1.