Was gone for a minute. Business is picking back up here. 


Tweaking general lay out and interface, but not design. 

Added this blog for photography/general things. 


JMT blog is still in the JMT section. Added, editing, revising information in there currently with the intent to at least make another post within the week. In the time that's elapsed since I left the trail, i could have conceived and seen the birth of a human baby. 

Yet still, the details, feelings, smells and sensations are still as memorable as they were in the days and moments after they happened. More writing, more photos, more details on all of that coming. 

Also will be adding to the store and bringing it back live. Photos ordered are metallic printed and mounted. I'll be doing some batch ordering of photos soon as well in order to have tangible stock on hand and to proof the printing and mounting that's done. 


Best since Day 1.