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Just passing through.

I wish you could see the places I've been. I would show you, but I broke my phone on a granite dome. I laid down on a glacially smoothed rock to bask in the sun and my phone fell out. Screen cracked. This has rendered it useless. Pics will have to wait

I'm tried. Feet hurt. Shoulders hurt. Skin hurts. We have been about 40 miles after starting in the meadows. Only two wrong turns. One major one minor. No fire. Search and rescue spot lighted our rent. Met an amazing guy named Matt who have us a ride to mammoth lakes from reds meadow. And here we are.

Saw a weasel, deer, heard a bear, saw a huge trout.

Trail has been dynamic with its ups and downs. Have met some cool people.

Pack is heavy when full. Need to send some stuff home. But that's hard. Haven't used deodorant in a week. Showered and the water ran muddy.

Aggies need defense before next week.

Best gear so far: steripen

5 days To muir trail ranch.
10 days after that to the summit of lower USA.


Best since Day 1.