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On fire

I lied about that last shower. Hard rock hotel and casino afforded me a last last rinse.

Other problems have sprung. Minor.
Credit part of debit/credit card is broken
back button on phone is broken
Yosemite is full of smoke

None of these are super alarming. I will call Tuesday to fix the card. Debit works fine.

Don't need my back button much anyway. Sharks don't have necks. Sharks don't look back.

Weather front looks promising for pushing the smoke from the valley. Current outlook appears that we will have to leave from above the valley any way. We will find out the truth tomorrow.

Feeling better. I'm pretty sure it was sinus pressure from central Texas. Improving, I think.

Its funny how without even doing anything, journeys like this make you feel strong.

Tomorrow the final act of the pre trip fan fare ends. Tomorrow we go in to the flames and try to go in to the valley. Tomorrow we reach Yosemite. One to two days of staging and prep and permit procuring and then the hike part of the journey begins.

Its been a while since I've been this scared...but good scared. Mostly good scared. Bowling ball in throat scared. I like it


Best since Day 1.