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I spent the previous 96 hours fulfilling my final obligations as a proper "outdoor educator." For the next month, I'll be using leave time, doing office work, and preparing to move on to bigger and better things (John Muir Trail, first. After that...maybe I should get another job.) 

Main point of the story- I'm going to have more time for my other loves. Like smoking meats, building motorcycle engines, taking photographs, making salsa, exploring. 

This is not the time nor space I'll write deep thoughts and musings, but do keep an eye out for photos. And certainly when I'm on the 210 mile hiking trail, i'll update as much as possible. And I'll link to a blog here or there. 

In the mean time, buy some photos.  

Every single one is professionally printed, packaged, and sent directly to you. If you want a different size, email me and consider it done. 

If you need something photographed, like a person (wedding) or a place (I've never been to Hawaii) let me know. I can fake my way around knowing how to use a camera and post editing software, I bet.... 

If you're ever thinking "hmm, I wonder if Chris can help..."
I can, and will.  

See you down the road.  


Best since Day 1.