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Free money.

Or, if you read this blog post, then 50% off photos. For January. 

It was nay too long ago on a (probably) cold Texas January day when a young Chris Oswalt was born in an Austin hospital. He'd grow to become a man among men, a true inspiration, a beacon of hope, change, and the manliest of man things.

So for the rest of January...Half off photos. 

To reiterate or clarify a few points- Shipping is free and included in the process listed on the "prices" page. Secondly- I'll hand pack and ship these. With dignity, respect, and other kind, reaffirming words.  Finally- It's a picture. Own history now. Hand these down to your kids when, not if, any and all of the following happen

  • I become president
  • I become a space mogul
  • I become the greatest photographer of all time
  • I become a NYT best selling author
  • I die hunting poachers in Africa
  • I die being president
  • I die being a space mogul
  • I die. Everything is worth a lot more when you're dead.

Outlive me. Cash in. This is basic sound financial investing 101. Much more so when I celebrate this month with you and give you 50% off. 

Do it. I just decided i'll throw a bonus surprise in each package I ship. You know you want to find out what the surprise is. YOLO and other acronyms. 



Best since Day 1.