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Mission Statement.

There are millions of people out there with a better camera than me. There are a good plenty who are better photographers than I am. My site is all about Premier fine art photographs for high end business and up scale clients. Or everyone but those people.

I have on hand 8x10 prints of every photo on this site right now. I'm going to set up a Flickr as soon as I'm done writing this.

This is better served in the "about me" section, but so you was photographs that made me want to explore and get outside  Photographs took me first to places virtually, and then let me revisit them after i'd traveled there. So above all if you see a picture you it. And then go visit that place. 

I'm still working on layout and formatting and all this business, but my email always works and i'm always 2 feet from a computer. For the time being...


Best since Day 1.