Long I've had the dream of starting a website named Crappy Photography and  posting some of my photos for the viewing pleasure of the masses. This dream was crushed when someone stole that domain name. So for now, I am Buffalo Chris; Legendary descendant of no one else named Buffalo anything. 

I'm a writer, philosopher, photographer, explorer, line walker, animal lover, adventure motorcyclist, procrastinator, mechanic.

My photos are featured in 2 homes world wide. Maybe 3 if i'm lucky and someone has stolen and printed one.

One day I'll be famous, or one day i'll be dead. In either case...solid investment on your part.  

Explore this amazing feat of interneting I've created here at It's all random hobbies and pictures. You can buy them if you like them. (The photos and hobbies. Everything about me is for sale)

Explore the site and email me if you have questions. 


Best since Day 1.