The TW200

Random craigslist scanning brought me this paired with an 84 BW350. The guy selling them was going to make a bobber out of the two. He said this TW had a crazy knocking sound and smoked like a chimney...

I hoped it just needed rings and a piston. Upon taking it apart, it unleashed a terrible burnt oil smell. 

The rings were too small and the cylinder was not round so i replaced those two bits. Motor worked fine for about 10 minutes, but the high pitched knocking went on. 

Realizing my greater fear (crankshaft was bad) I took the motor apart and ordered the correct parts. When I got to the crank, the rod was obviously smoked in the lower end. Had way too much play. 

Plan for the bike is to make it a bit better looking but keep it 100% On/off road capable. 

I'd always wanted one of these, and for around $600 plus the cost of some repair parts, you can't go wrong. 

Photos on the left are in chronological order. 

My hypothesis- Previous owner (before the guy i bought it from, because he never rode it) ran it out of oil, fried the rod bearing and head. They replaced the head (or maybe just the cam bearing) and flipped it for a quick sale. 

Best since Day 1.